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When a person commits a crime they are entitled to a fair trial and great representation to ensure that they get a penalty that is just for their actions. There are many different types of defenses that are often cited in the state of Florida and around the country to help criminals to get their fair day in court in regards to their specific crime. These defenses will vary with each client and situation at hand, and it is best to consult a criminal defense lawyer before continuing with any court proceedings. A lawyer will be able to weigh out options and ensure that their client has their right to a fair trial.

When it comes to criminal charges, a misdemeanor charge is a far more attractive situation to be faced with than that of a felony. A misdemeanor charge will often carry a lesser sentence and more manageable criminal fines. When it comes to clearing a person’s criminal record, a misdemeanor charge is also much more likely to be expunged. An expungement will allow a person to clear their criminal record after their sentence has been sufficiently served, and a clean criminal record is more likely to allow a person to continue on with their life in society after they have put their crime behind them.

A felony charge, however, is far more difficult to expunge, creating a more challenging experience for the defendant after their sentence and subsequent penalties are complete. A skilled defense lawyer can often get felony charges lessened to misdemeanor charges depending on the situation of the crime at hand, making it very important that any person facing a criminal charge contact The Pistorio Law Firm.

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